Often homeowners fail to consider the aesthetics of their garage doors. They focus on it’s durability and strength. However, houses with garages at the front must emphasis on the matter of the “look of the garage” to get an overall impressive appearance for the structure. Wooden or timber garage doors can fulfil your desire to have a stylish and elegant looking garage. The demand for timber doors in Buckinghamshire, UK is very high because the local people find them alluring, strong and functional as well.

Simple Tips for Your Timber Doors

If you already have timber doors for your garage, then you might be looking for easy maintenance tips for the same. Here are some great ideas for you.

  • Keep It Neat and Clean

Whether the door is made of iron or timber, keeping it neat and clean is the first step to increase its lifespan. Take a cloth and hot water and a little mild soap to it. Wash the back and front of your timber garage doors with that cloth. This will help you to get rid of dust, dirt and spots. A quick wipe down will help you to regain the shine and glow of the timber. Do it at least once in a week.

  • Re-Sand the Door to Improve the Finish

Re-sanding is a great idea to improve the shiny finish of the wooden garage doors. Nonetheless, you need to consider re-sanding every 3 to 5 years. Once the re-sanding is done, your wooden doors will regain that first-ever glow and finish.

  • Monthly Lubrication

To keep the mechanism of the garage doors perfect, you need to check them once in a month. If you find that some of the parts are getting stiff and blocked then this is the indication that the doors need oiling. Monthly lubrication can keep the doors functional for a long period without heavy repairing.

  • Repaint the Doors

Wooden doors can get back their glow whenever you repaint them. There are certain procedures for repairing the timber doors. You should call the experts for the same.

  • Regular Maintenance

Follow a regular routine of maintenance for your garage doors to ensure their long life and flawless performance. You need to check the parts, clean the stains and call the experts for repairing to avoid big damages. When you need the expert support for your timber garage doors, Premier Garage Doors is the right place to check. From installation to repairing – this company is involved in the complete care of timber garage doors.